‘Shelter In Place’ What does that mean?

In light of the recent Executive Order to “Shelter in Place”, many are wondering what that means for their business.  In an effort to provide some clarity around what is considered an essential business, we have summarized a few key points. 

Executive Order 2020-10 requires that all businesses that are not considered essential must cease operations with the exception of “Minimum Basic Operations”.  This includes activities to maintain the value of the business’s inventory, preserve the condition of the business’s physical plan and equipment, ensure security, process payroll and employee benefits.  Businesses may also continue operations consisting exclusively of employees working at their own residences. 

The Executive Order does allow certain business that are considered to be essential to continue operating.  The Executive Order defines Essential Businesses and Operations as Healthcare and Public Health Operations, Human Services Operations, Essential Government Functions, and Essential Infrastructure, and the following:

  1. Stores that sell groceries and medicine.
  2. Food, beverage, and cannabis production and agriculture.
  3. Organizations that provide charitable and social services.
  4. Media
  5. Gas stations and businesses needed for transportation.
  6. Financial institutions.
  7. Hardware and supply stores.
  8. Critical trades. (i.e. plumbers, electricians, security staff, etc.)
  9. Mail, post, shipping, logistics, delivery, and pick-up services.
  10. Educational institutions.
  11. Laundry services.
  12. Restaurants for consumption off-premises.
  13. Supplies to work from home.
  14. Supplies for Essential Businesses and Operations.
  15. Transportation.
  16. Home-based care and services.
  17. Residential facilities and shelters.
  18. Professional services. (i.e. legal, accounting, insurance and real estate services)
  19. Day care centers for employees exempted by this Executive Order.
  20. Manufacture, distribution, and supply chain for critical products and industries.
  21. Critical labor union functions.
  22. Hotels and motels.
  23. Funeral services.

The Executive Order further outlines that certain positions that are working for or to support Essential Businesses and Operations are also exempt from this order.  These positions include first responders, emergency management personnel, emergency dispatchers, court personnel, law enforcement and corrections personnel, hazardous materials responders, child protection and child welfare personnel, housing and shelter personnel, military, and other government employees.  The Executive Order also requires that these businesses follow Social Distancing Requirements or 1) maintaining a six-foot space between employees and customers, 2) having hand sanitizer and sanitizing products available, 3) offering separate operating hours for vulnerable populations and 4) posting information on-line about the hours of operation and how to access services remotely.  The full details of the Executive Order can be found on the State of Illinois website here:  https://www2.illinois.gov/Documents/ExecOrders/2020/ExecutiveOrder-2020-10.pdf

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