Case Study: Attracting and Retaining World Class Talent

The Client

A Chicago based executive search firm that has been matching best-in-class talent with top companies for more than 20 years. Their business model is built upon rich industry insight, longterm relationships, and innovative search solutions.

The Challenge

Since their inception, our client had been taking care of HR administration in-house. With little need for a full-time HR Generalist, however, the task fell to a few key players, including the Director of Operations, Chief Financial Officer, Senior Comptroller and an Accounting Assistant. In short, there were a lot of moving parts, and while they handled the process competently, it inevitably increased the risk that something might fall through the cracks.

Those moving parts continued to grow more complex as our client grew in size and expanded their hiring reach into multiple states. Furthermore, with increasingly complex regulations in healthcare, the level of responsibility needed to ensure accuracy and compliance reached an uncomfortable level.

At this point, our client came to a crossroads decision. Should they hire a dedicated HR coordinator to manage everything? Or was there another solution?

The Solution

After gaining buy-in from upper management, our client decided to partner with Synergy to implement a PEO (Professional Employer Organization) solution, which would relieve the burden of employee administration, benefits administration, payroll processing and more. With the goal of keeping transition time short and accommodating our client’s unique needs, Synergy quickly gathered necessary data to get systems up and running.

Educating our client’s employees on what a PEO entailed and resolving short-term confusion was an additional process that Synergy supported throughout and beyond the implementation process. Synergy also provided an on-site HR representative that allows our client’s employees to build a real-world relationship with someone who can help answer their questions regarding payroll, insurance, retirement benefits, and more.

In addition to providing total HR management, partnering with Synergy also gave our client the added benefit of greater buying power in the benefits marketplace. Though their roster of employees was not large enough by itself, with Synergy they immediately had access to competitive, world class benefits that were instrumental in attracting and retaining world class talent.

The Result

Now, seven years later, we’ve built a valuable, long-term business relationship. Our client’s leadership team has been freed up from HR duties and can focus on business objectives and company growth. Furthermore, the partnership positions our client strategically in the industry as a “small” company that delivers both personalized service as well as the highly competitive benefits that are typically exclusive to much larger companies.

Improve your HR function and offer competitive benefits to attract and retain the best talent.

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Synergy Joins Group Management Services

Synergy is excited to be partnering with GMS, the largest privately held PEO in the country. Since 1989, countless organizations have trusted Synergy with their PEO and HR functions. This new partnership with GMS will enhance our ability to serve clients while providing the same high level of service our customers have come to know and expect.


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