Case Study: Providing Leadership Growth Through Executive Coaching

The Client

The Vice President of an equipment manufacturing client enlisted Synergy’s coaching services to identify opportunities for executive growth that would in turn further business goals.

The Challenge

At the outset of any executive coaching program, it’s necessary to determine specific areas of focus. In this case, communication strategy, performance management, and efficient conflict resolution were pinpointed as opportunities for growth. The primary challenge in executive coaching is to effectively identify and analyze a leadership style in order to address and change certain behaviors if necessary.

Specifically, it can be difficult to discuss negative aspects of current managerial methods. Fostering a trustworthy rapport is no easy task, but it’s essential to making an executive comfortable and open to constructive feedback. An additional challenge is that executives are often short on time. While executive coaching timeframes can and should vary based on the individual, effective plans typically require a time commitment of several months.

The Solution

Synergy provided a seasoned Executive Coach to work one-on-one with the Vice President which allowed a strong level of trust to quickly develop. Four months of weekly and sometimes bi-weekly meetings were planned to deeply discuss the dynamics of leadership in that unique organization. A DISC Assessment expert was also provided to administer an insightful personality and behavior test examining the traits of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

A 360 Leadership Development Survey was then distributed to employees in the executive’s organization to gather information pertaining to communication, engagement, team development and motivation. Input from these multiple perspectives granted an understanding of the impact the Vice President’s leadership style was having on the company. Based on the DISC Assessment and 360 Survey results, an Action Plan was developed to strengthen partially-developed skills and traits and to identify further areas for growth.

The Result

The Action Plan was implemented smoothly with no unforeseen challenges, and culminated in the successful completion of the project in the four-month timeframe. The Vice President gained necessary insight into the best practices for managing and coaching their own team of employees. A more effective leadership style focusing on communication was consciously put into practice.

Employees quickly noticed a positive change in leadership, and since the conclusion of the project workers across departments have indicated satisfaction in being managed more effectively and fairly. The ultimate value added of this executive coaching engagement was realized. Strategic relationships with employees immediately increased engagement and motivation, and retention is poised to follow suit.

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