Case Study: Synergy’s Expertise Helps Major Tech Firm Overhaul Training Procedures

The Client

On this project the client was a leading technology firm offering services and solutions to several industries. Our relationship with this client is extensive, as we’ve successfully accomplished many projects together with a focus on employees, performance, and training.

The Challenge

Our client had recently seen tremendous growth that brought along several changes, and was in need of evaluating their organizational dynamics and training procedures. The biggest challenge for any small to mid-sized company such as theirs was the impossibility of affording a full-time trainer to assess and modify their processes.

Secondly, the client wanted to discover ways in which to make their employee base more productive, achieve a higher rate of engagement and satisfaction, and better resolve conflict. These topics are often difficult to address internally. Conducting their own analysis would have used valuable time and resources that could be more productively focused on their daily activities, and could have produced inaccurate results due to bias or lack of expertise.

The Solution

By partnering with Synergy, these challenges were alleviated. We began by conducting extensive research in reviewing the client’s training procedures and culture, and compiled a carefully-written 36-question survey that was completely anonymous to obtain as much information as possible from both management and employees.

In order to improve procedures, we fully analyzed the results and provided a 26-page analysis to the client as a starting point for training overhaul. Not only did this allow us to make specific recommendations for the immediate future, but it assisted in creating an appraisal template for our client. Our team of experts trained managers on effectively conducting future performance appraisal meetings in order to identify benchmarks, goals, and objectives for 2017 and beyond.

The Result

Our recommendations were put into place to not only improve immediate issues such as interdepartmental communication, but to impart a more definitive performance appraisal process and expertise to the client for the future. The benchmarks Synergy discovered during our research were provided, and managers were trained on how to measure against them.

The managers we trained learned to focus better on specific goals and how to clearly communicate those objectives and expectations to employees. The value added Synergy delivered was significant, as small to medium-sized organizations such as our client do not have the capability to identify benchmarks or access to subsequent training expertise without our partnership. Our client is now enjoying a more stable and focused environment as they continue to grow in the new year.

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Synergy Joins Group Management Services

Synergy is excited to be partnering with GMS, the largest privately held PEO in the country. Since 1989, countless organizations have trusted Synergy with their PEO and HR functions. This new partnership with GMS will enhance our ability to serve clients while providing the same high level of service our customers have come to know and expect.


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